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How to use your photo album?

How to store your photo album?

The most important factor is humidity of the storage place. Our workshop humidity hover around 40% - 45% which is best for the fine art paper albums as well as for the classic photo albums made on photographic paper. The average humidity for a home is 40% - 55% and this is the optimal level of humidity for our health and comfort. It fosters your furniture, floor as well as your books (ideally 40% - 50%).

If the humidity level is rapidly getting higher the paper absorbs it causing paper warping. Don’t worry if that happens to your album. First of all, you need to take care of your room humidity or change the place for the book storage (where the humidity level is better).
Please, apply to these rules (on the understanding that the room humidity is lower than humidity of the album):
Album should be stored flat.
Album case should be placed separately above or under the album.
You might find paper dividers between pages. Please, leave them inside (it applies to all the newly purchased albums).
Place your album with a slight weight on top of the book. Use a flat object weighed 3-5kg, otherwise it can damage the cover. Leave it for 2-3 days. This should cause the humidity to equalise.

We are trying very hard to deliver your album in perfect condition. Nevertheless, if you get the paper warped, try to apply to our four rules (listed above). It can happen when the album is kept too long in the courier storage or when the delivery time is too long. To prevent this from happening (especially during winter time) we use moisture absorber and wrap the product in foil.

Please, remember to keep you album away from excessive temperatures and humidity. Keep it away from heater and don’t leave it in direct sunlight.
The albums should lay horizontally and should be store in a special album case. Album pages warp also when the air is too dry (humidity is too low).

How using your Album

To ensure your albums last for many years you need to learn how to proper handle it and apply to the rules.
It is easier to damage thicker and heavier album. It means 30 or more pages for albums printed on Museo paper and 20 or more pages for photographic paper albums.
Albums should be browsed on a flat surface (never on your knees when the album is 45x30cm or larger).
Never allow your open album to fall below the horizontal flat line it means not to open it more than to 180 degrees.
Approach handing your album with clean hands - free of moisture and oils.
Always store your album flat using a special case.
Don’t put any objects (especially heavy ones) directly on your album. That can cause cover deformation or a dent in a material, especially in the eco leather.

Improper handling and storage of albums may void your warranty.