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CD, DVD Covers

CD and DVD cases

You can now design your own case for one, two or three CDs or DVDs. A hard cover with you photos can be a perfect addition to your home movie collection or family photographies. Personalised CD/DVD packaging will also be useful for a company presentation or training materials for the employees. Our packaging not only protect the CD/DVD against scratches and other damage but will also be a perfect complement to their content.

We can also make any CDs packaging for you. You can find a wide selection of binding materials in various colour in our catalogue. Amongst them, there are also different fabrics, eco leather and natural leather. Our offer also includes a case with a double sided cover photo (made of photo paper). We also have covers with an additional storage space for memory stick.

We offer DVD packaging in two formats to choose from. Dimensions of our boxes are: 14 x 19 cm and 14 x 13 cm.


We can now introduce case with a photo cover, two sided, made of photographic paper. Size 14x19 cm.

1 CD/DVD - 29pln
2 CDs/DVDs - 34pln


Price Table

Digipack DVD

8 €

Size: 14x19 cm
Double DVD case + 1,5 €

Digipack CD

7 €

Size: 14x13 cm
Double CD case + 1,5 €

photo case CD/DVD

7,50 €

Size: 14x19 cm
Double CD case + 1,5 €

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