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Hand-Sewn Book

What book is better to hand-sewn?

Hand-Sewn books are products that can easily spread flat, they are designed specially for people who don’t want the book’s pages to be stiff like in our photo books. We offer books that have more than 36 pages, notebooks and sketchbooks. Hand-Sewn books are really good when the drawing or a picture needs to cover two pages. These pages are not thicker than 140g.


Our hand-sewn books are printed on high quality paper which is available in many shades of white, ecru and coloured paper. Every offer is prepared for the specific request.


Books are printed digitally to the maximum format which is 330x330mm after folding.


Our books are covered in coloured materials (canvas), eco leather but they can also be covered in printed canvas, bookbinding papers and satin papers protected with foil. We also make soft covers.

It is worth asking :)

Because hand sewn books are a unique product, we design each detail individually. We offer several thread colours and thickness. We also make our own headbands so that the book is unique and outstanding. As this kind of book is made using traditional methods we are not using any templates.
If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Digitally printed cover on canvas

Soft covers, digitally printed on both sides

Book with additional dust jacket in any size