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Handcrafted Cases for Photo Prints

Hand made products are characterized by very careful performance and precise finish. We offer cases for photo prints dedicated to any number of photos in any format. We are normally preparing photo print cases in size 13x18, 15x21 and in the popular format 10x15. You can decide how many photos you want to fit in the box and what will be the size of it. Let us know what you require and we will adapt to your needs.

We also offer the possibility to choose the colour and potential photo theme of the packaging. We provide a wide spectrum of colours and shades so you can adjust it all to your living room decoration. You can choose your own material using our binding catalogue. We also precisely finish the box inside.

We can make any engraver or add a cover picture that will help you to remember what kind of pictures are inside the package.
Packaging for larger and traditional size photos (10x15) can be a good organiser as well as a great part of your room’s decoration. Our boxes also protect photographies against discolouring and dirt. You can now give photos to a loved one using our luxurious package.

In the pictures below, all the boxes are bound with a bookbinding fabric from the catalogue.


Handcrafted cases

Sets: slip case, CD/DVD covers and box for photo prints.

price list

Our price list below is only giving you basic photo sizes. Please, drop us an email if you need any other format.


12 €


14 €


15 €


17 €


19 €


23 €


24 €


45 €


99 €

price list