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ICC Profile

ICC Profile for SILK Paper

ICC Profile for Glossy and Matt Paper


What colour management means?
Colour management is a system that ensures that colour content will be rendered (mapped) in a satisfactory manner in devices such as the monitor and the printer.
What colour profile is?
Colour profile is a file that describes characteristics of the colour for the particular device. Profiles can contain additional information defining the perception conditions or the colour gamut mapping methods. In cooperation with the computer’s colour management system, colour profiles ensure proper rendering (reproduction) of the coloured content regardless of the device and conditions of perception. Normally, when you add a new device to your computer, the device’s colour is automatically installed.
What the colour space is?
A colour space is a three dimensional model in which the chart shows the shade, brightness and colour saturation corresponding to the rendering capabilities of the device.
When you may need to change the colour management settings?
Since the default colour management settings are usually satisfactory, they should only be changed if specific colour management requirements are not met by the current settings. As a result, these options are mainly intended for specialists.
You may need to change the colour management settings for one of the following tasks:
- adding or removing a colour profile
- associating a different colour profile with one of your devices
- changing the default colour profile for one of your devices
- changing the default render options or the default colour space
Why you may need to have several colour profiles for one device?
The colour profile describes the colour characteristics of a particular device in a specific condition. Any change that involves a change in the colour of the device may require a separate profile. In addition, profiles can be optimised for different types of projects. For example, a printer can provide several profiles, each for a different type of paper or ink.