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There are two ways you can order your album:

1) Use our software

We encourage you to use our free creator to make:

-photo album
-photo book
-DVD case

Please, feel free to visit our PROGRAM section where you can find a instructional video and useful information that will help you to avoid common mistakes when ordering.

2) Sending your projects to our FTP server

Here’s how to do it without using our program:

1) Register.

2) Send files to an FTP server (the name of your directory is the user name that you entered when registering).

3) Send an email to: with information about new order. Do not forget to send us specifications like:

-binding of your choice
-color profile (RGB, sRGB, our color profile).

4) Please, remember to let us know if you have chosen a digital print album!


Easy and user-friendly! Using our program you will quickly create album of your dreams (Polish version).


payment method

Pay Pal - just click the Pay Pal icon or notify us via email to forward a payment request from our Pay Pal account.


We accept bank trasfer.
Bank Address:
PKO BP, Powstańców Śląskich 60, 53-333 Wrocław Poland
Account Info:
Manetbook Sp. z o.o., ul.Partynicka 47, 53-031 Wrocław Poland
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