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There are two ways you can order your album:

1) Use our software

We encourage you to use our free creator to make:

-photo album
-photo book
-DVD case

Your welcome to visit our „program” section where you can find a instructional video and useful information that will help you to avoid common mistakes.

2) Sending finished projects to our FTP server

Here’s how to do it without using our program:

1) Register.

2) Send files to an FTP server (the name of your directory is the user name that you entered when registering).

3) Send an email to: with information about new order. Do not forget to send us specifications like:

-binding of your choice
-color profile (RGB, sRGB, our color profile).


Easy and user-friendly with our program you will quickly create album of your dreams (Polish version).


payment method

Pay Pal - just click the Pay Pal icon or notify us via email to forward a payment request from our Pay Pal account.


We accept bank trasfer.
Bank Address:
PKO BP, Powstańców Śląskich 60, 53-333 Wrocław Poland
Account Info:
Manetbook Sp. z o.o., ul.Partynicka 47, 53-031 Wrocław Poland
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