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Canvas Prints

They are a great idea for a gift as well as for the original interior design. Canvas photo painting is a unique decoration that will give your room a special look. In addition, it is not expensive and it gives unlimited possibilities - we can print every photo on the canvas. It can be a family picture, wedding picture, piece of art or a landscape - there is no restrictions! That is why canvas photo prints are becoming more and more popular.

We are always open to our client’s needs, that is why our canvas photos are not only printed in standard dimensions but we can prepare them according to your individual needs. In addition, we can frame them or make all sides printed. To make our canvas product we use waterproof canvas for artistic prints. It allows us to obtain a great piece of art effect as the structure of the canvas perfectly imitates natural painting canvas.

Canvas Prints – THE PERFECT GIFT

Decorate your walls with a unique decoration or give it to the loved ones!

Canvas Prints SPECS

We print canvas pictures on canvas for artistic prints (360g / m2, 100% waterproof cotton), and then stretch on the loom in your chosen size. The image is additionally protected and strengthen by fixative.

Canvas Prints SIDES

Whether or not the sides of the picture images will be printed or not depends entirely on you. However, printed sides take 2.5 cm from your picture which is bent on each side of the image. Photo prints with printed sides are recommended for clients who will not frame images in additional frames.


The dimension of the image is given in centimeters (it does not include 2.5 cm that is overlapping on each side of the stretcher).


wzór_fotoobrazBLEED LINE
Format of the image must be enlarged by 25 mm so that we can wrap the print outside the edge of the frame. This is what we call bleed.

All work should be prepared in RGB.
The recommended resolution is 150 dpi.



30X30 CM

18 €

30x40 cm

20 €

30x50 cm

22 €

30x60 cm

24 €

30x70 cm

26 €

30x100 cm

32 €

40x40 cm

22 €

40x50 cm

24 €

40x60 cm

26 €

40x70 cm

28 €

40x100 cm

34 €

50x50 cm

26 €

50x60 cm

28 €

50x70 cm

30 €

50x100 cm

36 €

60x60 cm

30 €

70x60 cm

32 €

70x70 cm

34 €

100x60 cm

40 €

100x70 cm

42 €

100x100 cm

55 €

Presented sizes are just an example. We can print any size you wish.

All the prices include the frame.

The prices do not include shipping costs, which depends on the size and quantity of the photo prints ordered.

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