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Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints – THE PERFECT GIFT

Give your relatives unforgettable canvas prints. Decorate your walls with unique adornment.

Canvas Prints SPECS

Printed on canvas (360g/square meter, 100% cotton, water-resistant) and stretched in the frame (size of your choice). Multipartite canvas prints are available as well. The canvas prints have printed sides, hanging hooks and are enforced with wedges and crossbars.

Canvas Prints SIDES

It's entirely up to you if the painting will be printed on the sides. If so, the sides will consume 2.5 cm/side from the entire picture (the picture will be bend over the sides). We recommend this feature to those who will not frame their canvas prints into traditional painting frames...


Paintings are sized in centimeters – the sizes are exclusive of 2.5 cm bend space (sides)


wzór_fotoobrazBLEED LINE
Picture size extended 25 mm beyond the edge of the frame
All important parts of the picture should fit within this area

Export all files in RGB color profile
Recommended resolution is 150dpi



30X30 CM

18 €

30x40 cm

20 €

30x50 cm

22 €

30x60 cm

24 €

30x70 cm

26 €

30x100 cm

32 €

40x40 cm

22 €

40x50 cm

24 €

40x60 cm

26 €

40x70 cm

28 €

40x100 cm

34 €

50x50 cm

26 €

50x60 cm

28 €

50x70 cm

30 €

50x100 cm

36 €

60x60 cm

30 €

70x60 cm

32 €

70x70 cm

34 €

100x60 cm

40 €

100x70 cm

42 €

100x100 cm

55 €
Presented sizes are just an example. We can print any size you wish.

Prices include frame.

The prices are exclusive of shipment cost which can vary depending on number of canvas prints and their sizes.

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