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We offer much more than calendars, albums, photo books or cases. We make every effort to ensure that our products meet the requirements of our most demanding customers. We also take care of everyone’s ability to personalise our products according to your own vision. That is why we are always using the best modern technologies to meet your expectations. We pay particular attention to gilding and embossing (stamping).

HOT STAMPING - also known as thermal printing. It allows you to ennoble print, for example adding it on your business cards, invitations, album covers, book covers as well as labelling your products. It is a printing technique using coloured foils and convex matrix (using heat conducting material).

DIE STAMPING - is also a kind of print refinement and it is called dry printing. It allows to make three dimensional pattern (2.5D) on the embossed material by squeezing the matrix. Thanks to that, the embossed lettering or graphics are convex. The stamping process is most often combined with gilding. During the gilding process the pattern is lightly squeezed out by a single matrix move. This stamping process allows the material to be pressed more deeply.

We make gilding and stamping using bookbinding materials, cardboards, paper, foil, plastic, leather, leather like materials etc.
Available colours: gold, silver, green, white, burgundy and black.
We can stamp any text, graphics and logos. This is a perfect option for personalising your calendar covers, album covers and book covers for personal use or as a gift. These techniques are often used in gadgets and promotional products for different companies.

Unquestionable advantage of gilding and stamping is the unique look of the final design as well as durability of the product. Thanks to stamping method, all the products are characterised by high abrasion resistance.

Preparation for the stamping (matrix cost) - 100 pln (size up to 8cm/2, price for any bigger size than this is agreed individually). The maximum size of the press element is 28x28cm.

how it looks


Embossing for albums and books:

up to 10 copies (+ matrix cost)
colourless - 3 € (minimum 17 €),
colours - 4 € (minimum 24 €).

to 20 copies (+ cost matrix)
colourless - 2 € (minimum 17 €),
colours - 3 € (minimum 24 €).



Text stamping - letter examples are available in our letter catalogue.
Prices up to 10 copies.
All the prices for larger amount are agreed individually.

colourless -1 letter 0,4 € (minimum 4 €),
colours - 1 letter 0,6 € (minimum 6 €)